Eve’s Transformational Journey

Eve is an attractive, intelligent and mature woman.  She is warm and approachable and appears to have everything under control.  She is generous with her time and resources and people are drawn to her.   Not someone who would seek out help from energy medicine right? As most of us learn over time, things are rarely as they seem. 

In fact, Eve is successful, talented and genuinely loved.  She has risen above the trials and challenges life has thrown at her and in doing so she has become strong and independent.  Nonetheless, underneath the bravado she has become used to presenting to the world, Eve was feeling fragile and uncertain. 

In spite of her best efforts, Eve had been feeling stuck and even stagnant for some time now.  Her innate joy for life had waned and she’d been feeling chronically tired.  Eve knew something was missing and longed to feel more passion and connection.  She’d been ready to do the work needed to get past this and move forward but hadn’t known quite where to turn.  She knew she needed help in letting go of the heaviness holding her back. 

When someone suggested Eve try working with an Energy Medicine Practitioner something in her resonated deeply. It frightened her a little bit but her whole being said Yes!

When Eve came to see me she was teary and feeling vulnerable.  Part of her understood that true transformation brings change and even desired change can be very uncomfortable.  When Eve stumbled on my website, she felt certain she had found the right person to work with and we connected easily during our telephone conversation.

Because Eve lives several hours away, we agreed to do her session by telephone. At the prearranged time, Eve called and we moved into sacred ceremony. I called in my guides and hers as well while she made herself comfortable in a place she wouldn’t be disturbed in. I had asked Eve to do whatever she felt called to do to clear her space and set the stage for healing.  She lit a candle and had fresh flowers on the table beside her along with a quartz crystal she had been given.

Working with a pendulum, feather wand and rattle, I accessed Eve’s luminous energy field and confirmed that her second and third chakras were blocked.   As Eve breathed deeply directing her exhales to her second chakra, I worked to clear the heavy energy that had built up in the area.   Eve felt a sense of relief as old grief and pain was released.  She found herself crying softly before moving into a deep and restful space of surrender.  The energy was ready to go and released easily and for the most part gently. 

As I worked in Eve’s field, several images and insights presented themselves.  After about 40 minutes of clearing the field and filling the chakra with light, I visualized putting my hands under Eve’s heart chakra and her second chakra and scanned her field while she allowed herself to be held and supported.  During this time, we shared the messages and images we each had received. It was clear that Eve is being supported by the unseen world and she felt a sense of awe and gratitude. She felt her beloved grandmother was watching over her and this was very comforting.

As we finished up our time together, I made suggestions for Eve to do on her own.  In addition to taking a detox bath, Eve agreed to start a journal of things she felt grateful for and to honour her Spirit guides by making an offering of seeds and tobacco to the water at a nearby river. She planned set up special place for a photograph of her grandmother and to place stones and other treasures here as well.

Eve was deeply moved by the experience. She felt lighter and more peaceful when she left.  When she checked in again a week later, she let me know that she was noticing small changes in the way she was experiencing the world around her.   She was feeling grounded and connected to her loved ones.  We worked together several times over the course of that year and each time, Eve moved deeply into the work, trusting that she was being held and nourished as she allowed herself to look at, and then let go of, limiting beliefs and patterns. Gradually she began taking steps to make changes in her employment and to make space for new activities that fed her craving for creativity. 

Today Eve has a sparkle in her eyes and has joined the choir in her community.  She’s finding herself bouncing out of bed to greet the day most mornings and feeling a deep sense of gratitude. While life continues to have challenges, she is less triggered and more at peace. When she notices she is getting bogged down, Eve now has tools to use to regain her sense of balance. While she still thinking about making a career change, thing is have shifted in positive ways at her current job and she is enjoying it more than she had been.  Eve’s story is unfolding with new energy every day. 

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Giving Back


Giving and sharing are the foundation of my practice and I'm delighted to be able to support organizations like the Unstoppable Foundation which strives to ensure every child has access to education.  Over the years I have donated works of art in support of several hospitals, survivor groups, environmental and gallery fundraisers like the MacDonald Stewart Art Gallery now known as The Art Gallery of Guelph.