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Globe & Mail August 21, 2010, R.M. Vaughan, Review of Pure Potential, Solo Exhibition, *new* Gallery, 906 Queen West, TO

1Pure Potential Exhibition Catalogue

Janet Stanley Paints like a Dancer!
“Janet Stanley paints like a dancer (and maybe she dances like a painter, but I’ve never seen her dance). Her spiralling, jumping, thick-as-cake oils resemble a happy meeting between melted candy, seafoam-coloured taffeta and a three-legged blender.

Energized by tidal upswings of curling, cresting pigment, her new series, Pure Potential, revels in crashing loopy peaks of boreal, vegetable greens against restful patches of papaya-flesh oranges and carnation pinks.

Concavities and small bowl shapes sometimes halt the commotion, side pools in a rapids, but then the whole mad dash of colour and gravity-defying brushwork starts up again, threatening to hurtle off the canvas.

In a related series, Stanley pairs calming expanses of thinned paint with vigorous calligraphic turns, sudden skids that clot and crust at the turning points. The overall effect is one of relaxed aggression, a Zen garden attacked by wolverines.

I suspect Stanley wears out brushes faster than a car wash.
R.M. Vaughan, August 21, 2010

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Giving Back


Giving and sharing are the foundation of my practice and I'm delighted to be able to support organizations like the Unstoppable Foundation which strives to ensure every child has access to education.  Over the years I have donated works of art in support of several hospitals, survivor groups, environmental and gallery fundraisers like the MacDonald Stewart Art Gallery now known as The Art Gallery of Guelph.