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Learn more about who benefits from an Energy Medicine Session with Janet.

Transformation happens when we release patterns and beliefs that aren’t serving us and make space for what is longing to emerge.  If you feel the call to expand – why waste another minute? Call now!   Scroll down for a video interview discussing the benefits of energy clearing.



Charging the Mesa Stone with Intention

While there are many valuable and effective techniques used in Energy Medicine, it is sacred work filled with sacred mystery. Each practitioner brings her own magic and mine is rooted in the energy of love as a fertile, living, powerful and creative force.

Energy medicine works with the luminous energy field (LEF) that surrounds our physical body including the energy wheels called chakras. When trauma is left unhealed, it can fester and leave an energetic imprint or blockage in the energy field. Referred to as “heavy energy”, it can impact the healthy flow of life force and vitality.  When the trauma or heavy energy is cleared and healed, the field is restored to its natural balance and original radiance.

Locating the Activated Chakra

Locating the Activated Chakra

Since the luminous energy field is invisible to most people, it can be difficult to describe.  This analogy from my early training with The Four Winds Society resonates with me.

“If we think of action as the language of the body, words are the language of the mind, and all forms of art – poetry, music, paintings and so on are the language of the soul, Energy is the language of pure Spirit & this is where healing with energy medicine takes place.”  

Energy sessions take place in sacred space

with the help of spirit guides. I am guided by my star ancestry and my connection to the Divine Mother. With an open heart, I call on the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun as well as the Star Nations and all the luminous beings interested in our, well-being, especially our ancestors.  When you’re ready, I invite you to experience the transformational healing power of energy medicine for yourself.

Treatment Session Time Fee Purchase
Illumination 90 min $150
Chakra Cleanse 90 min $150
Mini Chakra Cleanse 45 min $75
Causal Realignment 90 min $150
Beauty, Balance & Peace Activation 45 min Free w/ Beauty, Balance & Peace Chakra Mobile  View Product
Full Potential Activation 90 min Free with Full Potential Energy Weave Mobile View Product

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Transformational energy work is for anyone who is ready to let go of limiting patterns and beliefs. It is my privilege and joy to hold sacred and loving space for people who are on the brink of making a leap in their personal growth. Outwardly strong and successful, many of us are fragile on the inside and are sensitive to the powerful energetic shifts in the world today.  This can show up as

  • Fatigue, apathy or listlessness.
  • Overwhelm, anxiety or fearfulness about the future.
  • Restlessness, uncertainty, inability to concentrate or focus.
  • A sense of being disconnected or stuck.

Transformational Energy Weaving is uniquely suited to restore balance and beauty to everyday life and to assist in the manifestation of magical new possibilities.

My work is most powerful with creative people who are ready to expand into a new story. My own path has taken me from social worker to business professional, from Visual Artist to Transformational Energy Practitioner and continues to evolve,  Having experienced the initial terror of taking big leaps transform into a spacious feeling of freedom and excitement, I have learned to hold sacred space for others as they expand into their own unique gifts. 

My clients are heart-centered:

  • Heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Energy medicine and healing arts practitioners
  • Artists, dancers, writers and other creative spirits
  • Resourceful yoga teachers, body workers and alternative therapists
  • Teachers, wisdom keepers and  coaches

WHAT DOES A PERSONAL ENERGY MEDICINE SESSION WITH Janet OFFER? As a Mesa carrier trained in ancient Incan shamanic healing techniques by the Four Winds Society, I work primarily with healing stones and quartz crystals, I also use drumming, rattling, tarot cards, ceremony and ritual as needed. Every session is tailored to the needs of the individual. It’s important to note that energy medicine is not a replacement for traditional counselling or medical treatment. Rather, energy medicine often helps to clear the path for more rapid healing to take place as a complement to other modalities.

All of the work I do is heart-centered and strives to restore balance, beauty and peace – to strengthen the connection to inner wisdom and guidance.

Individual Energy Weaving Sessions

include one or more of the following:

Vibrationally Infused Energy Weaves:

Handmade and personalized to hold the energy of beauty, balance and peace as well as your intention.

Are you ready to expand into a more radiant version of you?

Already successful but yearning to feel more passionate about life?

On the brink of taking a leap in your creativity?

Allow me to hold you in the loving embrace of universal energy as you let go of what is no longer serving you.  Once we shed limiting patterns and beliefs we are free to blossom into our unique radiance.

Call now to book a session with Janet – 705-294-3223

A graduate of the Four Winds’ Healing the Light Body School, I am trained in luminous healing and energy medicine.  I am also a Causal Realignment Practitioner trained by Divine Light Healings and a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. For a copy of my CV click here.

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Giving Back


Giving and sharing are the foundation of my practice and I'm delighted to be able to support organizations like the Unstoppable Foundation which strives to ensure every child has access to education.  Over the years I have donated works of art in support of several hospitals, survivor groups, environmental and gallery fundraisers like the MacDonald Stewart Art Gallery now known as The Art Gallery of Guelph.