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Welcome! My work is about personal Transformation and Expansion, often through creative expression. I am delighted to assist heart-centered business executives, entrepreneurs and healing arts practitioners to explore and express their unique gifts in a new or bigger way.

Transformation happens when we release patterns and beliefs that aren’t serving us and make space for what is longing to emerge.  If you feel the call to expand – why waste another minute? Call now!   Scroll down for a video interview discussing the benefits of energy clearing. With love,  



Meet Janet

As a Visual Artist interested in transformational energy, Janet’s work is heart-centered and intuitive. Her artwork explores ideas and themes in the process of becoming, shifting or morphing into something brand new.

Whether making art or working with energy to assist in expansion, Janet’s work is sourced in the fertile field of pure potentiality.

Janet is passionate about creating energized works of art and assisting others in accessing their own unique gifts.  She is influenced by her travels to sacred sites in Peru, Zimbabwe and throughout Canada and the United States where she has journeyed with Indigenous Medicine man and women.

  Janet’s artwork is described as abstract, painterly, and complex, expressing the many layered ideas she is exploring. Born in Northern Ontario and she now lives near Lake Simcoe with her husband in Innisfil, Ontario.  Morning walks to the lake to witness the sunrise are a constant source of inspiration.

An avid student, Janet has an honours degree in Fine Art from the University of Guelph and is a graduate of The Four Winds Society’s “Healing the Light Body” School with several certifications in various energy medicine modalities.  She continues to study informally with Indigenous Elders.

Expand into a More Radiant Version of you – Now Offering:

Vibrationally Infused Works of Art; painting, sculpture and weavings.

Individual Energy Weaving Sessions; Clearing, cleansing and Reconnecting the Luminous Energy Field. In person, Skype or Phone.

Full Potential Energy Weaves; Hold the energy of what is emerging.

Gratitude & Abundance Celebration; Honouring all life as sacred.

Eve’s Transformational Journey

Eve is an attractive, intelligent and mature woman. She is warm and approachable and appears to have everything under control. She is generous with her time and resources and people are drawn to her. Not someone who would seek out help from energy medicine right? As most of us learn over time, things are rarely as they seem. Read More

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Active member of these recognized leading organizations:

CARFAC – Canadian Artists Representation
CARCC – Canadian Artists Representation, Copyright Collective
The Four Winds Society – Graduate Practitioner Listing
Society of Shamanic Practitioners – Practitioner Listing

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Giving Back


Giving and sharing are the foundation of my practice and I'm delighted to be able to support organizations like the Unstoppable Foundation which strives to ensure every child has access to education.  Over the years I have donated works of art in support of several hospitals, survivor groups, environmental and gallery fundraisers like the MacDonald Stewart Art Gallery now known as The Art Gallery of Guelph.