Beauty, Balance & Peace Chakra Mobiles

Beauty, Balance & Peace 
Chakra Mobiles.

Beauty, Balance & Peace 
Chakra Mobiles.

Ideal for home studios, meditation places and reading rooms, Beauty, Balance & Peace Chakra Mobiles are infused with the energy of peace for all. Each of the seven mandalas represents the energy of a balanced chakra.

The heart chakra is highlighted at the center representing its key role as the bridge between the 3 earth chakras below and the three higher chakras above. 

Inspired by Indigenous Medicine men and women who work to dream in a better world for future generations, these mobiles are designed to hold the energy of a balanced chakra system to invite the healing energies of love to the spaces they are displayed. Once purchased, they can be activated for personal balance by booking a Chakra Cleanse.

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55” to 60” 7 Energy Weave Mandalas, 1 for each Chakra $297.00

“Love my gorgeous chakra dream catcher and look forward to meditating under its charms!”  Libbie O. TO, ON

Chakra Essence Element Holds the Energy of Allows Access to
Root I AM Earth Safety, security, feeling grounded and connected. Trust life, let go & walk in beauty.
Second I FEEL Water Passion, creativity, fertility, joy & abundance. Receive, feel playful & in flow.
Third I ACT Fire Personal power, self-esteem & warrior energy. Take action & accomplish goals.
Heart I LOVE Air Love, compassion, empathy & forgiveness. Embrace life & enjoy relationships.
Throat I SPEAK Ether Expression and speaking our truth. Giving voice to our highest gifts.
Third Eye I SEE Light Wisdom, knowledge, inner vision & clarity. Intuition, imagination & telepathy.
Crown I KNOW Pure Energy Purity, enlightenment & connection to Spirit. Guidance from our Higher Selves.

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